Thursday, July 25, 2013

Throwing another pattern out

I have found that if I have to rip out a pattern more than 5 times the yarn doesn't want to be made into that particular patter. That is what I did with the Cable Scarf. Yes I love the pattern but the yarn didn't.

So at my knitting meeting tonight one of the ladies was doing the linen stitch. Yes it looks just like if I had woven it on the big loom. Love it.. so that is what I am making now. The baby blanket is giving me problems yet again as well so I will probably only do one for my grand daughter.

This is a pattern that was orally told to me at a doctors office. It is worked on the bias and if I can get a pattern written down for it I will share. I haven't found the true name of it so if any of you know it please share. I just call it the topsey turvey blanket. As you can see I will be making 4 different blocks in crochet. It works up quickly so I can get it finished before the baby is born.

Happy knitting!


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