Saturday, November 23, 2013

Knitting Backwards

How many of you do entrelac knitting? Do you like it? or is it to fussy flipping the work all the time?
Have you thought about "knitting backwards"? Really it isn't that hard to learn and it does go faster once you have learned it. Knitting backwards would work anytime you have to purl. So if you don't like to purl this is one way to not have to every again. Purling is not my favorite thing to do either but is a need when knitting. Here is a great video on how to knit backwards or purling in reverse. Knitting Backwards or "mirror knitting" this is a great video for learning and there are many different ways to do it but this is one of the better ways.
This is the Entrelac Shawl I am making You can find it on my Ravelry page as well. I am using size 8 needles and think and chunky yarn by Lion for this project.