Saturday, August 17, 2013

Socks bulky weight

Today I finished a pair of socks for my daughter-in-law for when she goes in the hospital to have her baby girl. Everyone knows how cold the hospitals are and I didn't want her to be uncomfortable.
They are made from bulky yarn I found on sale at JoAnne Fabric store this weekend. The pattern was from KnitFreedom. She has wonderful patterns and videos that I highly recommend.

I hope that you all check out her site and her videos. She has classes on video for sale as well that are really good.

Happy Knitting


Friday, August 16, 2013

Diaper Soakers

Dia\ For really quick gift I made Snapdragon Soakers. I have posted the link for the pattern page on Ravelry. They are so cute. You can find the pattern on Ravelry I sell them on Etsy as well.
Snapdragon Soakers on Etsy The best thing to do when you make the is use virgin wool. The bad thing about using wool is , when you wash then they need to be hand washed and laid flat to dry. The pictures on Etsy are done in acrylic so they can be gentle washed and dried in the dryer. A little easier for people to do if you have any children.

Also finished my aunt's granddaughters sweater. I will be posting this on etsy soon as well for say in another color am sure. Just have to get it made first. Should be sending it off next week. It is the 3 little kitten nursery rhyme.

At least I am finishing projects. Though I have about 10 or more WIPs in my buckets. I wish you all happy knitting and good luck at getting your Christmas projects finished. Only a few months and Christmas will be here and we get to start all over again.. lol


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The baby blanket so far...

Well I am back on the baby blanket. I hope my son and daughter-in-law like it.
I ended up having to frog it back a whole row, that will teach me to pay attention to it and no Jerry Springer... well I get my laughs there. I hope you all enjoy the pic. I am about 60 rows from being finished.

This may be taking me hours to do, as well as days but I think it will be well worth it. I have upped the length of the cable to make it easier towrok on. Happy knitting.


Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tough Knitting

Today I found a really great yarn that I had bought a year ago. Yes my stash is large and my husband would really like it to get smaller, but alas I am a knitter so ...

As I said yesterday, I am making my grandmother a shrug from Christmas. Well with this yarn I decided to try and make it in to a shrug as well. Is hard to knit with because it is not "traditional" yarn but eyelash yarn with a thick cord. I am knitting with size 11 needles that are dark . This is a great set I also have the sunburst, I am not so thrilled with the acrylic and still want to get the nickle set as well. I will talk about needles in another post but will say interchangeables may have a big output in the beginning but in the long run are cheaper.

I started the shall with regular red heart yarn in pink as you can see with a rib 1 x 1. I knitted the rib for 6 rows. Then with the fake fur I just knit in garter until was total 42 inches in length from the beginning, I will add another 6 rows of the ribbing at the end. Her is a pic of what it looks like so far.
It is harder to knit than regular yarn so remember if you are using it to pull out a little more after each stitch.

I found this yarn at you might think the shipping is a little high, and it is but... the prices for the yarn is great. They have yarn specials on Tuesday and send out great deal email. I purchased 190 skeins of yarn and the total cam up to about $2.00 a skein after shipping. Yes you have to buy in bulk. Like 6 or more skeins at a time but who doesn't need at least that much to make a project? Like today in the promotion there is Peru Alpaca Super Bulky yarn the cost is $9.99 for 8 skeins or $1.25 a piece + shipping and handling of $9.90 ( and it will get there the next day from Turkey) that makes each skein $2.50. Now where else can you get good quality yarn that cheap?

Hope this helps in finding great ideas. Happy knitting


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sore today!

After knitting for all day yesterday, I am soooo sore. My shoulders are calling me stupid as is my index finger. So today I am working on an easier pattern. Actually I found a pattern that I will make for my grandmother for Christmas. A simple shrug. I was looking for something that was warm and elegant at the same time. So I will be making her the "Speckled Shrug" from Lion. It is a free pattern which is great.

There are a lot of great patterns out there for free. I think I have only purchased maybe 3 patterns total over the years. I can always find something from all levels from beginner to expert. And if I every have a question or want to learn about a new way to do something I go to you will have to sign up for the newsletter but is well worth it.

The women and men from around the world are on that site. Is always great to learn of things from around the world and to find out how they do things. So check it out.

Happy knitting


Friday, August 2, 2013

The second blanket

I finally found the pattern for the 2nd baby blanket for my grand daughter. Is the "Radiating Star Blanket" by Alexis Layton. You can find the pattern on Ravelry.
I started it August 2 and by 10 that night I had it half way done. The photo is only 25% completed. I am hoping to have it done by tomorrow night.

The changes I did to the pattern was to use baby sport yarn, and six 6 needles (circulars). At first I did magic loop which made it easier to work than using DPNs. When it got where my loop wasn't working I moved to the traveling loop, then to just knitting around and around.

I can't wait to post the completed picture...

Happy Knitting