Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tough Knitting

Today I found a really great yarn that I had bought a year ago. Yes my stash is large and my husband would really like it to get smaller, but alas I am a knitter so ...

As I said yesterday, I am making my grandmother a shrug from Christmas. Well with this yarn I decided to try and make it in to a shrug as well. Is hard to knit with because it is not "traditional" yarn but eyelash yarn with a thick cord. I am knitting with size 11 needles that are dark . This is a great set I also have the sunburst, I am not so thrilled with the acrylic and still want to get the nickle set as well. I will talk about needles in another post but will say interchangeables may have a big output in the beginning but in the long run are cheaper.

I started the shall with regular red heart yarn in pink as you can see with a rib 1 x 1. I knitted the rib for 6 rows. Then with the fake fur I just knit in garter until was total 42 inches in length from the beginning, I will add another 6 rows of the ribbing at the end. Her is a pic of what it looks like so far.
It is harder to knit than regular yarn so remember if you are using it to pull out a little more after each stitch.

I found this yarn at http://www.yarn-paradise.com/ you might think the shipping is a little high, and it is but... the prices for the yarn is great. They have yarn specials on Tuesday and send out great deal email. I purchased 190 skeins of yarn and the total cam up to about $2.00 a skein after shipping. Yes you have to buy in bulk. Like 6 or more skeins at a time but who doesn't need at least that much to make a project? Like today in the promotion there is Peru Alpaca Super Bulky yarn the cost is $9.99 for 8 skeins or $1.25 a piece + shipping and handling of $9.90 ( and it will get there the next day from Turkey) that makes each skein $2.50. Now where else can you get good quality yarn that cheap?

Hope this helps in finding great ideas. Happy knitting


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