Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sore today!

After knitting for all day yesterday, I am soooo sore. My shoulders are calling me stupid as is my index finger. So today I am working on an easier pattern. Actually I found a pattern that I will make for my grandmother for Christmas. A simple shrug. I was looking for something that was warm and elegant at the same time. So I will be making her the "Speckled Shrug" from Lion. It is a free pattern which is great.

There are a lot of great patterns out there for free. I think I have only purchased maybe 3 patterns total over the years. I can always find something from all levels from beginner to expert. And if I every have a question or want to learn about a new way to do something I go to you will have to sign up for the newsletter but is well worth it.

The women and men from around the world are on that site. Is always great to learn of things from around the world and to find out how they do things. So check it out.

Happy knitting


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