Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Life Lines, Row Counters and Stitch Markers

Do you know what a life line is? or a row counter? If you knit you should. There are many counters out there in the world some people just use a piece of paper with tack marks, some use one that hangs from the needle. I personally use one for my smart phone. It is called "county" and is free, there is a pay option as well that will allow you to do more than one project at a time. I am still using the free one, though I have bough the other and when I changed phones I haven't figured out how to get it on the new phone. There are more than that for the smart phone just check them out and find one that works for you. You will be amazed at what you find.

Now for life lines. If you have ever worked lace or and afghan with a lot of repeats, a life line is a must. No one likes frogging out a pattern and trying and then trying to make sure all the stitches are how they are supposed to be. I know that with the cable scarf that I am working on (see previous post) it is an 8 row repeat, Sounds simple, right. Oh I can remember where I am.... once you put it down, wrong.

I personally use a life line before starting every repeat. I just slip a sting onto a tatting needle and run it through all my stitches. That way if I screw up, and I know I will, I will only have to go back one repeat. I use crochet threat and it will stop the stitches from going any further and you can pick up the stitches again easily and start again.

Stitch markers are easy, some look like a little safety pin and other look like a small plastic circle. I make mine so they are just bits of yarn that is not the same color as my project. Sometimes I add beads to them as well so that the weight holds them down. For socks though I use the little safely pin type of markers. I do magic loop and only need one so that is nice ant they come in bright colors so that you won't miss it as you knit around.
Well I hope this is helpful in your knitting. Please feel free to post questions her.
Happy Knitting

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