Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year and Hello Kitty

Happy New Year... I thought I would start the year out right with a post. I know I am bad at posting, this is usually because I am knitting all the time.

Today I have started yet another project, yes my WIP's are great in number but I have been working on them too. I can only do so many projects and when I run out of needles or cables which is more the case, I work on older projects. Today is Hello Kitty. I would post the pattern here but is copy written so here is the web address on Ravelry where you can find it . I am making this for my granddaughter she is just a doll at six weeks so I make toys for her now because grandma's are suppose to spoil their grandchildren.

I have finished the main part of the head and am working on the ears. Now that is a pain for sure. Picking up all the stiches and then knitting them, the first few rows was a pain in the bum but thankfully I work in Magic Loop so am not working on DPN needles but have a long cable and that helps a lot. I will keep you posted on the progress. It shouldn't take to long now that I have the biggest part finished, the head.

Well good luck on whatever you are working on and good luck on Roc day which is coming up soon this month.

Happy New Year and Happy Knitting


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