Saturday, October 26, 2013

A baby for my Granddaughter Annja

Finally I finished... well except for the hair. Since most babies are born bald is okay. I did pay for this pattern which is unusual for me but the pattern was so darn cute.

The outfit she is wearing is of course, knitted. It is a baby onsie and a little over skirt. I found them both on Ravelry I do believe. I just have to put the snaps on the onsie. Since the baby is a newborn size, the outfit will also fit my granddaughter and is just really easy to make.
I hope you enjoy.
Happy Knitting!


  1. DId you find or get together a knit & Crochet group in Waco? If so when and where do y'all meet?

  2. Waco knitters meets on the 2nd Tuesday's @south Waco library and the fourth Thursday @the west Waco library starts at 4:30-7
    H.O.T. spinners and weavers meets 1st Thursday and 3rd Tuesday at 7 at st. Catherine's