Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Down to the wire..

With less than two months before my granddaughter will be born I am trying to finish up some last minute projects for her. Anther blanket, the first one the round one will be a Christmas present since I am that far behind. I am working on a little onsie for her will actually be like a onsie sweater and then a dress romper over that.

I have found a lot of great acrylic yarns that are sooo soft. Vanna’s Choice and I love this Yarn are two of them. They are soft and you can wash and dry them. Though I am making the onsie out of I love this Wool which is even softer.

Here are a couple of pictures of the blanket. Is worked in diagonal box stitch. SmoothFox's Diagonal Box Stitch Square 6x6 is were the pattern can be found. Though I learned this from a lady at the doctors office one afternoon and make it a lot for blankets for all sizes. It works up fast and there is no limit to the size you can have. Of course, I ran out of yarn and is a good thing I used red heart. I used red heart super saver because I remember her daddy and his blanket being dragged through mud puddles, thistle patches and what ever else he could find. The colors are pink and purple it is a really lousy picture from my phone which is unusual.

I will have the outfit finished soon I am sure but have to knit like a mad woman to do it.

Happy knitting


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